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View the fantastic range of Showers available at Harmony
Our latest shower range include classic shower enclosures from Novellini, Merlyn and Kudos

The Novellini Antis steam shower offers you luxury, ease of use and stylish looks to compliment any bathroom. This complete shower unit demonstrates the best in cubicle design from Novellini.

A popular choice for many people, the Novellini Star enclosures offer a sleek, non imposing look suitable for most bathrooms. They come in a variety of sizes and are very reasonably priced.

Novellini Prestige shower enclosures have a modern, minimalist design which prove to be very popular in new homes and bathroom redesigns which ensures your bathroom has stylish elegance to impress.
The options above are just some samples of the Novellini shower enclosures we stock.


Stepping into the shower you enter a time and space all of your own. A place of comfort revitalisation and safety, Merlyn can provide the ultimate enclosure for this perfect vision of luxury showering

Shower Enclosures
Merlyn offer a great range of shower cubicles, shower doors and shower trays. Series 3, series 5, series 5+, series 7 & Merlyn Vivid

Walk-In Showers & Wetrooms:
Merlyn provide a superb range of walk in showers and wet rooms.
Merlyn series 7 walk in
Merlyn series 7 walk in with M Tower
Merlyn series 7 walk in crescent wetroom
Merlyn series 7 walk in shower wall wet room

Within the 3 stunning ranges presented, Kudos have a beautifully designed, precision engineered solutions that will suit your individual showering
As with many originals, the kudos ORIGINAL collection is often imitated, yet, never surpassed. This range of elegantly designed shower doors enclosures and screens have become one of the U.K's most successful products.

The kudos INFINITE collection sets new standards in innovation and style. This minimalist range features glass to glass panels, unique three dimensional adjustment and crystal clear seals.

The kudos ULTIMATE range of walk-in showers and wet room panels featuring the unique Kudos shower tower for a fully integrated showering solution